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The People v. Psycho

Chief Justice of Horror delivered the opinion for the Court.

There is wide acceptance that Psycho is a Horror Film.  It is often cited as one of the greatest Horror Films of all time.  The Court has accepted this case for review to correct this generally held misconception.  Consideration of this case can be easily limited to one point:

Does the plot of the film comport with Article  III of the HFC?

We hold that the film in question does not have the necessary plot components to be considered a Horror Film.

Article III of the HFC requires that the plot of the film revolve around the character’s fear of the malevolent force and the struggle for survival.  In the film under consideration the malevolent force is clearly Norman Bates and the main character is Marion Crane.  The plot of the movie does not paint Marion Crane’s fear of Norman Bates or her struggle to escape him.  Rather, the only time that she is aware that he is going to do harm to her is in the moment that he kills her in the famous shower scene.  The movie creates unease, tension, fear, and surprise in the audience but it does not focus on the fear of the protagonist.

This film clearly fails to satisfy the requirements of Article III of the HFC regarding plot structure and thus shall not be considered a Horror Film.

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